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Our 20 minute presentation for elementary students promotes safety awareness, and gives kids the skills they need to stay safe. This presentation brings safety concepts to life in a highly captivating, theatrical performance. 

This original script utilizes animals,

(Maurice the Cat and Stella Jay, the bird),

to teach 2nd through 6th graders basic

strategies for staying safe.

Maurice the Cat

Stella Jay the Bird

 Maurice, the wily and elegant cat uses every trick he knows to capture Stella Jay but a little voice deep inside her warns her to be careful. She has heard her mother tell her many times.


“When you don’t know what to do, fly away”.


This important lesson, repeated over and over in this rhyming sweet tale teaches young children the skills they need to stay safe.

Always Fly Away

A book teaching child safety

Available for sale Now

Here's what others are saying.....

“The performance had such an important message that all young kids should know! Asking the kids if they know important contact information hit home immediately! The performance was engaging and eye-catching, even for adults! I would encourage other after school care programs as well as elementary school to make time for this presentation. It was short and sweet and sent home a great message!”


Ashely Gay, Lafayette Prime Time PRYDE Program

"We thought the performance was great! It was very interactive, kept the students engaged, and was on the students' comprehension level. Some staff mentioned that the costumes were pleasing and not too distracting. Another staff liked the presentation of such a strong and dark message, portrayed in a colorful and child friendly way." 


Adam Armas, Carson Prime Time Program 

"Your JSCK Child Safety Program, “Always Fly Away,” is a meaningful and engrossing presentation for students in grades K-3 conveying an important message which every student should know for their own safety.  After school programs provide a terrific setting to share your message.  Your presentation addresses at least 4 of the 12 Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California:  Safe & Supportive Environment, Active & Engaged Learning, Healthy Choices & Behaviors and Collaborative Partnerships."

Christina M. Prado, The Children’s Initiative

In order for us to continue providing this valuable program free of charge, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. We hope we can count on your support. For just $1,500.00 we are able to provide 10 safety presentations. We invite you to sponsor a presentation in your community.


Your generosity will make a difference in the community by allowing us to continue our work. We will announce the name of your organization at the presentation and your name will be added to our list of supporters on the JSCK website.


​"Fly Away" is available to schools, libraries, churches, after school programs and other organizations that work with children. For more information and to schedule a presentation please contact:


Deborah Dorn

JSCK Safety Program Director


Now booking Fly Away for the 2019-2020  School Year  LEARN MORE

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