"The JSCK Outdoor Educational Activity Center"

A public memorial for Jonathan & Charlie and a recreational/educational asset to the community.


"A Mosaic of Healing and Learning"


Concrete Décor | Vol. 14 No. 1 Jan 2014

The OEAC is so important to us because is a beautiful memorial for Jonathan and Charlie. They both loved the bay. Its a place were kids come to learn about nature and the delicate balance of life. We come here and sense the boys dancing in the breeze. I can feel a gentle kiss from my son on my face. I know they are happy.

Maria and Milena adding personal touches to the mosaic Fibonacci spiral.

Beginning Construction Stages

Finishing touches to the poem,



“Silent Spring”



“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

by Rachel Carsons


Milena and Maria presented with Rachel Carson's book, "The Sense Of Wonder" from the construction supervisor Chuck.

Thank you so much!!

San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Crew 26

 Beautiful job. 

Grand Opening for the JSCK Outdoor Educational

Activity Center 

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Park to honor boys slain in 1993

April 8, 2012

While standing at the spot where the park in honor of the boys will be built, Maria Keever said, “It feels good that a lot of people still remember us. For me sometimes, it feels like it happened in another world, another time.


Nine months later, the county supervisors approved construction of the small park at the end of 13th Street overlooking San Diego Bay in Imperial Beach, less than a mile from where the boys died. The action came on the 19th anniversary of the day the boys were abducted and killed.

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