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Always Fly Away

A book teaching child safety

Always Fly Away is written in rhyming verse and tells the story from the perspective of a young bird named Stella.  She leaves home to meet a friend by the creek, and there she is greeted by a kind-looking cat.  The cat seems gentle and asks for Stella’s help, but Stella remembers the advice her mother gives her every time she goes out, "Stella remember, Keep your distance from strangers, stay alert, and when you don't know what to do Away Fly Away." This saves her life when the cat shows his true intentions as he tries to grab her, claws now extended.  With this story Milena is able to bring Stella home safely—a wish she has for every child.    


Too many children lack the means to best protect themselves on a daily basis—not with tiny hands, but with simple survival techniques like running away from strangers. Our young readers will learn the importance of staying safe and can develop deeper into everyday safety with the accompanying study questions at the end of the book.                   

Stella Jay 

Nonnie Jay


Special Thanks 

Written by Milena (Sellers) Phillips with Deborah Dorn


Illustrated by Katie Johnson


Published by Emily Sperling from Reflective Publishing


Music by Raheem Norris


Lyrics by Milena (Sellers) Phillips

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Survivors Mission: Always Fly Away

October 25, 2015

As difficult as it is to imagine how folks learn to live with violent death, it is as hard to imagine the work they do in memory of their loved ones.  The creativity and hard work that comes from such endeavors.  An important aspect of my work is to note on what folks do in the aftermath to honor their loved ones and do something to improve the world.

Local mom saves lives with children’s stories

September 8, 2015

Milena (Sellers) Phillips still remembers her son Jonathan's big, beautiful eyes, which she says brought life to a character in a new book she authored, titled "Always Fly Away."
The storyline is simple. When a suave cat tries to lure in a blue jay at a creek, the blue jay must decide whether or not he should listen to his intuition and fly away.

Children’s book comes from real-life horror

December 12, 2014

“I’m always wishing I could change the ending of what happened,” Phillips said recently, about the day that took her son’s life. “But it’s over now. There’s nothing we can do. I’m hoping with this book, and with this story, kids will make this part of their unconscious thinking. They will keep their distance from strangers, be alert, and fly away.”

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